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Wheat Ridge Power of Attorney Lawyer | Can I Revoke a Power of Attorney?

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2020 | Estate Planning |

In Wheat Ridge and across Colorado, a power of attorney can be a very helpful document. They allow you to choose someone to act on your behalf. They can be issued specifically for medical or financial power of attorney, or on an all encompassing basis. These documents are often useful when a relative or loved one can no longer manage their own affairs. As long as you are competent, you can revoke the power of attorney authority. Maybe the person you chose as for your power of attorney has relocated or is no longer physically available to be useful in an emergency situation. Or, maybe your relationship with the person you chose for your power of attorney has changed and you longer trust them to handle your affairs. Whatever the reason, you can revoke a power of attorney if you follow the appropriate steps.

Steps to Revoke a Power of Attorney in Arvada

Review your Power of Attorney (POA) Document

First, you want to read over your power of attorney document. It’s not common, but sometimes there is specific language regarding revoking the power of attorney. If this is the case for you, you want to make sure to follow whatever the document states. For most POAs, the document will state that writing a new power of attorney will effectively revoke the old one. Seems easy, but you want to make sure to do it right, so there aren’t any issues in the future.

Contact an Experience Power of Attorney Lawyer

There are two main reasons why contacting an attorney to handle revoking your power of attorney is a good idea. The first is so there is a witness to your mental state. Your attorney has an ethical obligation to make sure that you are competent when making legal decisions and signing paperwork. They will be able to confirm that you weren’t acting out of the pressure, threats, or coercion of another. The second reason is so your attorney can make sure your new power of attorney is executed legally and that the old one is therefore properly revoked.


The next step is to notify the old power of attorney in writing that their authority has been revoked. It’s best to mail this document certified mail so there is proof that the notification was received. You should also notify any businesses or other entities that the previous person no longer has the authority. This could include banks or medical practices. Anyone who has been provided with your power of attorney should be notified of the change.

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