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What to do if you are considering divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2020 | Divorce |

When a spouse is heading towards a divorce, they face a very delicate life event that can have significant consequences on the future of their lives. Even before the divorce process starts, a spouse can take steps to prepare themselves and their children to pursue the best possible outcome in a divorce.

Divorces are more common than you may expect. More than 750,000 couples got a divorce last year. Spreading awareness about what a spouse can do before the separation begins can make the process go swiftly and efficiently.

Research before hiring an attorney

A divorce without an attorney is likely to result in an outcome that is not in your best interests. Lawyers know how to fight for their clients, but not all can put up the same kind of fight. Review lawyers and what they can offer their clients to defend their future.

Gather financial documents

Bank statements, mortgages, leases and titles, retirement accounts, and anything else with money attached to it will likely come into question during a divorce. Unfortunately, there are times with the other spouse may try to hide assets or income during the divorce, so it pays to keep an accurate record of the estate and assets that relate to the marriage.

Plan for living and custody situations

Knowing what you need out of custody and living arrangements can help you prepare to fight for them in a divorce. Leaving a home that you want to keep can make it more challenging to earn ownership over the house. Your lawyer can help you consider matters for you and your children.

Look for support

The divorce takes an extreme toll on your mental and physical state. Ensure that you are taking care of yourself through the help of your friends, family, and professionals. Seeing a therapist is an excellent tool to make sure you are protecting your mental stability.

Finish large financial dealings

Courts typically halt any sale, purchase, or exchange of marital property to protect the financial situation of each spouse. If you are looking to finish a deal in real estate or buy or sell a car, it is in your best interest in completing it before the divorce begins

Do not rush

When a spouse rushes things, they risk missing important details or steps in their divorce. Let your attorney set the pace for your divorce to ensure you are taking care of everything in a timely and accurate manner.