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Some steps to try before divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Divorce |

Getting a divorce is a difficult move to take, so couples may benefit from exploring steps that could prevent a divorce. Perhaps they are simply going through a rough patch, or perhaps they have one or two obstacles that they cannot figure out. 

A little bit of creative thinking or some outside help could put a troubled marriage back on track again. 

The power of understanding

An article in Woman’s Day says that divorce is not inevitable for a troubled marriage, especially if at least one partner fights to keep the marriage going. As a beginning, the partner who wants to stay married can acknowledge the other person’s feelings of unhappiness. This often provides a positive way forward and an opening for discussion. 

Another tactic is to understand that people under stress do not always act in the best manner. Those who feel threatened by divorce often continue to damage a relationship. A mature, thoughtful and loving response to a challenging situation works better than anger or anxiety. 

The role of separation

Taking time apart can help couples to discover what life will be like without their spouses and determine if divorce really is the right thing for them emotionally and mentally. It also can give an idea of what single life will be like financially. 

According to Forbes, people who undertake a trial separation should exercise caution with finances and other concerns. A legally binding agreement drawn up by an attorney in this situation should cover the following matters: 

  • Debt liability 
  • Division of assets 
  • Spousal or child support 
  • A waiver of inheritance 
  • A decision on retirement accounts 

A separation reveals many considerations for couples in a marriage on the rocks, but it could also forge a path to a stronger union. The step is drastic, but it could save a marriage.