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Long-distance relationships and divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Divorce |

Couples split up for many reasons and if you are married to someone who is living in another state or even a different country, you have additional factors to take into consideration if you are thinking about getting a divorce. Long-term relationships are often very hard and many fail due to the distance, especially if one partner has an affair or loses interest in the marriage.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in 2018, over 782,000 couples brought their marriage to an end. If you are thinking about divorce and your spouse lives far away, you have to carefully review various divorce issues, especially if you have kids.

The importance of communication during divorce

Communication plays a key role in a couple’s ability to work through their divorce efficiently, but some people are unable to stay in touch with their spouse (especially if they live very far away). If you can reach out to your partner and discuss divorce topics this could help, such as your desire to end the marriage, custody matters or property division. However, communication is not possible in every situation and sometimes it is not a good idea.

The impact of living far away during the end of a marriage

When a spouse lives in another country or in another part of the U.S., they are not always willing or even able to physically appear in court during the divorce process. However, you are not trapped in your marriage solely because of your spouse’s location. Certain family law matters become especially complex due to distance, such as dividing custody between both parents. Make sure you are prepared for what lies ahead and review all of your legal options closely.