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Should I get a divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2021 | Divorce |

Even the healthiest marriages experience problems from time to time. Some problems indicate that divorce is on the horizon, especially if you cannot find common ground with your spouse.

It is worth working on your marriage if you and your partner really want to make it work. However, these signs listed by Psychology Today typically indicate that divorce is a likely option.

You do not agree on major issues

All couples experience disagreements, but can usually agree on big issues, such as child-rearing. When you cannot see eye to eye on this and other major issues, such as financial goals or retirement plans, it is much harder to maintain a united front. Compromise is key in all relationships, and if you cannot compromise with your spouse, you cannot move forward with your lives in a meaningful way.

You lack physical and emotional intimacy in your relationship

You cannot expect to have the same type of relationship as you had when you first met your spouse. However, you should have a healthy level of physical and emotional intimacy to maintain your bond. Intimacy sometimes falls away because of infidelity. It can also decrease because you and your partner have grown apart. In any case, a lack of intimacy is very damaging to a relationship.

You feel a great deal of resentment

Talking about your problems allows you to resolve them and move on. If you cannot resolve problems, you can never really move away from them. This leads to resentment for both spouses. For example, if your partner was irresponsible with your savings, you might hold them responsible for delaying your retirement. Conversely, they might blame you for mistreatment stemming from your growing resentment.

Deciding to divorce your spouse is not an easy decision. Counseling can help, even if you believe ending your marriage is inevitable. With counseling, you can move onto the next phase of your life knowing you did everything you could.