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Is parallel parenting a viable option?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Child Custody |

When working through the aftermath of a divorce, it is important for co-parents to come to a consensus on how they want to move forward with their parenting plans. Most experts suggest that some form of cooperation and joint custody occur for the benefit of the child, but it is not always such an easy matter.

However, parallel parenting offers a potential option that provides the benefits of a two-parent lifestyle while also reducing friction and contact between co-parents.

Avoid face-to-face meetings

According to Psychology Today, parallel parenting serves a great purpose for divorced co-parents. It allows for these parents to cooperate together and each have a hand in child-rearing while avoiding direct communication through the phone or face-to-face meetings.

Instead of doing these things, co-parents will communicate through text. This can include text messages or emails, or conversations through third-party communication applications. Some also keep notebooks to write down the events of a visitation in, sending the notebook back and forward to one another as their child travels between homes.

How your child can benefit

This provides the child with stability and a sense that they can still rely on their parents to support them even after going through the trauma of a divorce. It also spares them from having to witness ugly confrontations or arguments that might otherwise occur between two parents who are not on the best of terms.

Though parallel parenting is not a permanent solution, it should give families who are struggling under stress the time they need to sort out their potential difficulties with communication. They can move on to other plans later.