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Dealing with the divorce of a long-distance relationship

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2021 | Divorce |

Not every couple lives together in the same home even after marrying. In fact, some couples live in different stays despite having tied the knot. Others may even live in different countries due to varying circumstances like family or work matters.

Unfortunately, long-distance relationships also have a higher rate of failure. And when dealing with long-distance relationships ending, the divorce for these relationships also have their own unique hurdles.

Ending long-distance marriages

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention take a look at long-distance relationships and divorce. They cite that in 2018 alone, 782,000 couples ended their marriages. But when long-distance comes into play, you have extra steps to take. This is even more true if you also have kids in the mix.

First, communication plays a key role in how smoothly divorce goes. You need to discuss matters like custody, property division and even broaching your desire to end the marriage at first. However, it is much harder to get in touch with people who do not live in the same state or country. Your spouse might essentially ghost you while you try discussing these crucial matters.

Difficulties with court appearances

In addition, you could have trouble getting your spouse to agree to a court appearance. Sometimes they may prove unwilling, and sometimes they may simply be unable to appear, such as if they do not have the funds to make the trip over.

Fortunately, though irritating, these extra hurdles do not prevent you from getting the divorce you desire. You may want to get in contact with legal experts to explore your options, though.