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Why does divorce increase in January?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | Divorce, Family Law |

January tends to be peak divorce season. According to Fatherly, the new year brings a steep increase in divorce filings.

The trend is noticeable enough for January to earn the title of Divorce Month. See below for some potential reasons for this strange phenomenon.

New Year’s Resolution

People tend to wait until the new year to make significant changes. It appears that divorce is no different. Plans made during the holidays and family obligations might make divorce impractical for many couples. However, after the holiday break, most people must get back to reality, making it a realistic time to get a divorce.

Holiday stress

The holidays also bring a certain amount of stress. Perhaps a couple tried to maintain their marriage for several months, but the holidays only exacerbated their unhappiness. Many couples realize they cannot deal with significant life events together, and the holidays are the final nail in the coffin. Money issues, disagreements with extended family and travel stress can come together to make divorce inevitable.

Tax considerations

The new year is also an excellent time to reconfigure your taxes. The same reason people wait to start a business in January might apply for divorce. Starting over with your finances is much easier if you do not have to file joint tax returns the following year. However, this means that the divorce process must start in the previous year. Some lawyers note a spike in March divorce filings because couples wait until January to have the conversation.

Divorce differs for every couple, but there are some more significant trends. Just know if you start the new year with a divorce, you are not alone.