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Arvada Will Attorney | What Not to Include in Your Will and Estate Plan

cytonn-photography-604680-unsplash.jpgWhen deciding what to include in your will and estate plan, there are certain things that should not make the cut. While your will is your own, there are always legal guidelines that should be followed if you want your will to be valid. Let's look at some of the things that you should leave out of your will.

Wheat Ridge Estate Planning Attorney | Does Your Estate Plan Need Updating?

Thumbnail image for paola-aguilar-683317-unsplash.jpgOften after people have gone through the process of creating an estate plan, including a will, they feel like they can check that off their to-do list, never to revisit it again. However, that can be a hug mistake. While you can feel a sense of relief and peace for getting it done, it doesn't mean that your estate plan is good forever. Estate plans must be revisited and updated, because as your life changes, so should your estate plan.

Arvada Estate Planning Lawyer | Common Estate Planning Mistakes

neonbrand-395901-unsplash.jpgWhen you make the decision to plan your estate, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin. Depending on where you are in your life, you will have different needs and things to be addressed. You may only plan for where you are now, not taking into consideration for changes in the future. Let's look at some common mistakes that are made when estate planning.

Wheat Ridge Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning | Estate Planning for Blended Families

mike-scheid-704840-unsplash.jpgEstate planning for blended families can be especially complex in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County. It's a daunting task to decide who should inherit what, especially when you have biological and non-biological kids involved. It can also be difficult to broach the task, but communication is the first step to getting your affairs in order so your children are protected if something should happen to you.

Arvada Estate Planning Lawyer | Estate Planning for Single Parents

liane-metzler-30296-unsplash.jpgWhile estate planning is important for all parents, it is especially important for single parents. This is because there isn't a second parent to fall back on if something happens to you. You want to make sure that your children taken care of both physically and financially if you were unable to.

Colorado Estate Planning Lawyer | Common Estate Planning Myths

colin-watts-1169445-unsplash.jpgOften, people feel a sense of dread when they think about estate planning in Wheat Ridge or Jefferson County, Colorado. But, usually the dread is felt because the person has some misconceptions about estate planning. Let's look at some common myths regarding estate planning and uncover the truth.

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