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Arvada Child Custody Attorney | How You Can Use Your Living Situation to Support Child Custody

danielle-macinnes-49772-unsplash.jpgWhen you are requesting child custody parenting time, whether it is through a divorce case or you are asking for a modification to a current parenting plan, you want to do everything you can to increase your chances or getting what you have asked for. While much of the decision is out of your hands, something you can do is ensure that you have the best chance is providing an appropriate living situation for your children. This can actually make a huge difference in child custody issues in Arvada and Wheat Ridge. Let's look at some factors you should consider for your living environment when requesting parenting time.

Golden Child Custody Attorney | Re-Establishing Your Parenting Time After a Long Time Away

tim-mossholder-74832-unsplash.jpgIt's no secret that it is beneficial for children to have both parents in their lives. This is why the Jefferson County Court prefers to share parental responsibilities and parenting time in Child Custody cases - because it is generally in the best interest of the child. Unfortunately, there are situations where one parent is absent from their child's life for a significant amount of time. Sometimes, it's because of bad choices (i.e. criminal behavior, drug use, etc.) and sometimes it's because of parental alienation and bad mouthing that made you back off from spending time with your kids. Regardless of the reasons why, it is possible to connect with your kids again and re-establish your child custody agreement and parenting time.

Factors in a Wheat Ridge Child Custody Case | What Does the Court Consider When Deciding Parental Responsibilities and Parenting Time?

time-calendar-saturday-weekend-60032 (1).jpegFighting for custody or parenting time of your children is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through. It's important that you understand the process in order to protect yourself and your children. The family law attorneys from the Pearman Law Firm are experienced in handling child custody cases and know exactly what the Jefferson County Court is looking for when it comes to presenting evidence and making parental responsibility and custody arguments. Let's look at the factors the court considers when determining parenting time and child custody in an Arvada divorce.

Wheat Ridge Child Custody Lawyer | What Is a Right of First Refusal?

office-620817_640.jpgWhen parents are going through a divorce and dealing with child custody, they usually through their attorneys, will formulate a parenting plan, which outlines parenting time and responsibilities. One of the provisions that can be added into this parenting plan is the Right of First Refusal. Let's look at what the rights of first refusal are and how they can be applied t your child custody case.

Jefferson County Child Custody Attorney | Kids, Vacations, and Parenting Time - Can I Take My Children Out of State for Vacation?

family-1784512_640.jpgA New Year is upon us and usually, that means planning ahead for the rest of the year. Some of those plans may include family vacations. If you are getting divorced or have a current parental responsibilities plan, you may be wondering how vacations work. Generally, there is not an issue if you choose to vacation within the State of Colorado, however, if an out of state vacation is on your radar, that can be a different story.

Wheat Ridge Child Custody Attorney | Following Parenting Plans and Losing Custody in Jefferson County

mother-1245764_640.jpgI recently read an article about a woman who temporarily lost custody of her children for not following the terms of her court ordered parenting plan, as ordered through her divorce agreement. When a person signs a divorce agreement that includes parental responsibilities and different clauses related to child-rearing, those are set in stone. Unless you go back to the Jefferson County Court to have the orders modified, there are serious repercussions for not following the orders. The mother had her children taken from her for not following the religious-upbringing clause of their divorce agreement. She had agreed to raise the children in a strictly Orthodox Jewish home. The mother, however, came out as gay, which the father felt conflicted with the Hasidic Judaism traditions they agreed to raise their children under.

Wheat Ridge Parental Alienation and Divorce Attorney | What is Parental Alienation in Jefferson County?

pexels-photo-286625.jpegAs an experienced divorce and child custody attorney in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County, I have dealt with all types of divorce cases, ranging from extremely amicable to extremely tumultuous. Sometimes in the more troubling cases, the parties begin to use the children as pawns and one parent will undermine the relationship of the kids with their other parent. This is known as parental alienation and is treated very seriously in the Jefferson County family court. This alienation can range from making statements to weaken the relationship with the other parent, keeping the children from the other parent, or even making false claims of abuse.

Wheat Ridge Child Custody Attorney | Child and Family Investigator vs. Parental Responsibility Evaluator: Which is Right for Your Child Custody Case?

pexels-photo-618550.jpegDuring a Wheat Ridge Divorce or Child Custody case, if there are contested issues regarding the children, the Jefferson County Court can appoint a Child and Family Investigator (CFI) or a Parental Responsibility Evaluator (PRE) to investigate the situation and provide an expert opinion. These investigators are tasked with conducting interviews, reviewing documents, and issuing reports, but each have different qualifications and requirements.

Wheat Ridge Child Custody Lawyer | As a Custodial Parent, Can I Move My Children Out of State?

truck-2677373_640.jpgMoving a child out of state, known as child relocation or child custody modifications in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County can be a complicated matter. As a custodial parent, you may have majority decision making and parenting time, but that does not mean you can just leave the state with your children. You must formally ask the court and give the children's other parent a chance to agree or object. Unless relocating the children out of state was addressed under the initial parenting plan, a modification of the parenting plan would be necessary and must be signed off on by a Jefferson County family law judge.

Wheat Ridge Child Custody Attorney | Supervised Parenting Time in Jefferson County

pexels-photo-235554.jpegWhether you are preparing to ask a Jefferson County judge to only allow your children to have supervised visits with their non-custodial parent or you want to fight allegations that you should only have supervised parenting time with your child, you need an experienced Wheat Ridge child custody attorney on your side. Supervised visitation means that the parent and child can only spend time together in a supervised environment. As with all child custody decisions, it is about the best interest of the child. If courts feel there is any risk of emotional or physical injury to the child, then they will err on the cautious side and require supervision during contact time with the child.

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