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Can gambling winnings be collected for child support in Colorado?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2012 | Divorce |

Did you know that Colorado has an online service that collects gambling winnings from parents who have outstanding child support orders? Many in the state do not, despite the success the state has had in enforcing child support orders and collecting unpaid child support.

Colorado’s program has been so successful since its launch in 2008 that several states have used their system as a model for their own online child support programs. According to the director of Colorado Division of Child Support Services, the program has collected at least $1.6 million in unpaid child support since 2008.

The Colorado Gambling Intercept Payment (GIP) System works through an online service that collects money from parents who have gambling winnings. The GIP system allows the state to automatically collect a parent’s winnings at Colorado casinos or racetracks if they owe unpaid child support. The GIP system was created through a partnership between the Colorado Department of Revenue and the online site,

Under Colorado law, gambling winnings collected from parents who owe unpaid child support are required to be remitted within 24 business hours. Parents who have had their gambling winnings intercepted can dispute the collection by contacting the Division of Child Enforcement in the Human Services Department. They can also contact the Collections Unit in the State Court Administrator’s Office.

Child support orders can be very serious issues that impact an individual’s way of life. It may be best for parents who have had their gambling winnings intercepted through this program to work with a family law attorney to determine what their options are. Some parents may be able to dispute the collection and possibly get their winnings back depending on the individual circumstances.

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