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Danica Patrick files for divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2013 | Divorce |

Colorado residents likely know Danica Patrick, 30, for her race car driving and her role as pitch woman for On January 3, she filed for divorce from her husband of seven years. She had already announced the impending divorce publicly on Facebook as far back as November 20 of last year, the day after her and her husband’s wedding anniversary. At that time, she described the breakup as mutual.

Patrick met her now 47-year-old husband after suffering from a yoga-induced injury to her hip. He was the physical therapist who treated her, and the two were married in 2005 after a one-year engagement. She merely cites irreconcilable marriage problems as the reason behind the divorce.

Patrick said that the decision to break up was mutual, and according to court documents, the husband and wife have a prenuptial agreement. The existence of the prenuptial agreement could make it more likely that the two people will remain amicable as they proceed with the divorce. Patrick stated that she plans on remaining friends with her husband.

In fact, prenuptial agreements can be extremely helpful for lessening tensions and making a divorce go as smoothly as possible. For instance, they can help ease disputes over things such as property division. Prenuptial agreements can play an even bigger role in high asset divorce situations where there are very large sums of money on the line. Patrick has said that neither she nor her husband will seek alimony. It is unclear, though, whether this is something to which the two have recently agreed.

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