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Things to consider in singer’s child custody dispute

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2013 | Child Custody |

Divorce involves a lot of emotions and it may be difficult for many people in Jefferson, Colorado. One of the difficulties that may arise from divorce is settling child support and child custody agreements, which may affect the relationship between the child and the parent. Since parents often have different perspectives when it comes to the best interests of the child, child custody disputes are very possible.

Take into account a story that has been buzzing around the country, including in Jefferson. Several weeks ago, R&B singer Usher and his estranged wife were engaged in an emergency custody proceeding that occurred as a result of an accident involving their son. In that hearing, the judge looked at all evidence presented by both parties and dismissed the former wife’s emergency request for primary custody.

Usher’s ex-wife faced challenges in her quest to gain custody of her children, but she is not going to give up. Many people believe that her new legal strategy is to at least have the first right of refusal, even if she does not receive primary custody. If this happens, instead of nannies or the singer’s relatives, she will have the right to have the children in her care when the singer is not around.

This story illustrates how important the issue of child custody is. Readers in Jefferson should bear in mind that when it comes to custody hearings, the family court grants custodianship to a parent or relative who it deems is fit to provide for the best interests of the child based on several factors.

However, proving this is something that might be difficult for people who are dealing with strong emotions. With this in mind, it might be a wise decision for residents of Jefferson, Colorado, who are having custody concerns to consult a legal professional. With the legal professional’s help, residents can have a voice in the proceedings.

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