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Abused children find loving home through adoption

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2013 | Adoption |

Children deserve to live in a loving home with adults who treat them with love and kindness. Unfortunately, some parents fail to provide in this regard and instead issue only abuse and neglect. Fortunately, other adults around the country, including some in Colorado, open their arms to thousands of children every year.

Take, for example, a brother and sister, ages 9 and 7, who celebrated their first Thanksgiving holiday with their adoptive family after spending a few years in foster care after being rescued from an abusive Denver household in 2006. The house they were taken from was reportedly filthy and the children only grunted to communicate.

Now they live with two adoptive parents and one other child on a Colorado farm three hours from Denver. The parents are positive about the experience of adopting the children, expressing joy that they have made significant progress. Despite a few initial difficulties, the adoptive parents expressed satisfaction with their decision. It is refreshing that there are families who will open their doors for such children. In this case, the children were lucky to have been taken in by a loving family.

In the United States, some 115,000 children were eligible for adoption in 2012. Before adopting a child, a prospective parent should realize that adoption is a family law issue and requires strict compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. In Colorado, a person should be financially capable and physically fit to undertake parenting responsibilities. To become an eligible parent, a Colorado resident will need to be interviewed, social workers will make home visits and paperwork will have to be filed. Fortunately, there are agencies across the state that can help and Internet resources are also available.

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