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Children caught in game of custody tug-of-war

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2014 | Child Custody |

Divorced Wheat Ridge, Colorado, residents might agree that divorce can be difficult when children are caught in the middle. Emotions run high as divorcing spouses try to find the best possible custody arrangement for their children. Two sometimes easily confused custody concepts are joint legal custody and joint legal physical custody.

In joint legal custody, both parents share decision-making in raising the child. However, the child resides with one parent, the custodial parent, and the non-custodial parent retains preset visitation rights.

In joint legal physical custody, the child moves from one house to another. For example, from Monday to Friday, the child lives at his or her mother’s house and on weekends, the child spends some quality time with his or her father.

The success of any custody arrangement depends on the parents. Without commitment, existing child custody arrangements can result in disagreements between parents. Such issues can be settled through alternative methods, such as mediation, where both parties talk through issues, finding the best possible agreement for the best interests of the child. If mediation is not a viable option, spouses can always go back to court for modification of existing child custody arrangements.

Colorado divorcing spouses may opt to co-parent or simply work as business partners sharing the same goal-the best for their children. In the end, the children will benefit if both parents are present throughout their growth and development, despite divorce.

Parents who are seeking to modify custody and visitation rights can consult a family law attorney for strategies about how to get the custody agreement they want. The family law attorney can offer sound advice and guidance that may help a great deal.

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