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Wheat Ridge Parenting Plan and Child Custody Lawyer

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If you are getting a divorce in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, there are many parts to a divorce agreement. If you and your ex have children, then child custody and the parenting plan are exceptionally important parts. You want to make sure that you and your former spouse are on the same page with raising your children, and the best way to do that is to specifically address every aspect of child rearing. That is why you need an experienced Jefferson County divorce and family law attorney when navigating these waters. You want to make sure there is consistency for your kids.

What Should Your Littleton Parenting Plan Include for Your Kids?

When meeting with your Littleton divorce lawyer, you should know that you can include any terms or conditions you want on a parenting plan. There are no specific rules telling you what should be in a parenting plan. However, through our experience, there are many issues that we suggest you address. Below is a list of just a few of the topics you may want to consider including in your parenting plan:

  • Finances – Yes, child support addresses some of this, but you should discuss how additional expenses like sports, extracurricular activities, classes, or birthday parties will be handled.
  • Discipline – Address the discipline issue at all stages of your child’s life. Maybe time outs work for when kids are little, but what’s the plan for when they are teenagers?
  • Relationships – After your divorce, you may begin to date and get involved in a new romantic relationship. It is important to discuss the expectations for bringing a new person into your child’s life – when to introduce the person, whether the person be allowed to stay overnight at the house when the children are there, etc.

Why You Need an Expert Divorce Attorney to Help with Your Parenting Plan

Often, because of the emotional nature of divorce, clients have a hard time taking a step back and considering the future. They are very involved in the present moment. If your children are young, you can’t just create a parenting plan that addresses their immediate needs. You need a parenting plan that applies to every stage of their childhood. Our knowledgeable family law lawyers can help you see future needs right now, so you can feel at ease about your children’s future.

If you have split from your spouse and need guidance on your divorce, including a parenting plan, call the best family law attorneys from the Pearman Law Firm for a free initial phone consultation at 720-259-9528 today.

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