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Wheat Ridge Divorce and Child Custody Attorney | Parental Responsibilities Evaluator (PRE) in Jefferson County

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In my last blog, I wrote about the Child Family Investigator (CFI) and their role in a Wheat Ridge or Jefferson County divorce or child custody case. Another professional that may become involved with contested parenting arrangements is the Parental Responsibilities Evaluator or PRE. As an impartial third party, the PRE provides a report to the Jefferson County Court regarding mental health evaluations and recommendations.

Qualifications and Responsibilities of an Arvada PRE – Parental Responsibilities Evaluator

C.R.S. 14-10-127 authorizes a Jefferson County Court judge to appoint a Parental Responsibilities Evaluator. A PRE is a licensed mental health professional tasked with assessing and evaluating the mental health of the involved parties. A PRE does all the same tasks and functions of the CFI, but adds the mental health component. This is especially important if either parent or child deals with mental health or substance abuse issues. A Parental Responsibilities Evaluator tends to do a more thorough job than the Child Family Investigator, based on the fact that there is no cap on a PRE’s fees – which can often run $5,000 to $10,000. A CFI’s fees are capped at $2,750 – which tends to limit the amount of time a CFI puts into a case and the detail they are able to provide. Cost aside, the mental health evaluations can be invaluable when presenting a case to the court. Costs considered, this is a bunch of money and can further burden a family’s finances during this financially and emotionally difficult time.

Child Family Investigator vs. Parental Responsibilities Evaluator: Which Is Best for Me in Wheat Ridge?

In more complicated Wheat Ridge divorce or child custody cases, where parenting time or decision making are the main contested issues, a Parental Responsibilities Evaluator is most effective in compiling the evidence you will need for trial. In our experience, the insight a PRE provides is most valuable in complicated and troubling cases, whereas the CFI’s report is often appropriate for less involved cases. The person chosen for the PRE can be an important factor. We can help steer the court toward finding the most competent person for your divorce case. At the Pearman Law Firm, we can analyze your case and help determine which expert is most appropriate for your situation and cost effective.

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