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Wheat Ridge Child Custody Attorney | Supervised Parenting Time in Jefferson County

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2017 | Child Custody |


Whether you are preparing to ask a Jefferson County judge to only allow your children to have supervised visits with their non-custodial parent or you want to fight allegations that you should only have supervised parenting time with your child, you need an experienced Wheat Ridge child custody attorney on your side. Supervised visitation means that the parent and child can only spend time together in a supervised environment. As with all child custody decisions, it is about the best interest of the child. If courts feel there is any risk of emotional or physical injury to the child, then they will err on the cautious side and require supervision during contact time with the child.

Factors a Jefferson County Judge Uses to Determine Supervised Visitation and Child Custody

When one parent’s behavior causes concerns over the health and safety of the children, then often supervised visitation will be ordered. Simply making allegations is not enough, but proof must be provided to the courts in order to show that this type of visitation and custody is necessary. These are some of the factors a judge will consider:

  • Domestic Violence – a history of domestic violence or abuse (both physical and emotional) to the children or spouse
  • Substance Abuse – a history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Kidnapping – a history of taking child out of state or country without permission or threats to take the children
  • Child’s Wishes – a court will take a child’s request into consideration when determining parenting time
  • Mental Illness – a history of mental illness may result in supervised visitation if the parent’s illness could negatively affect or cause harm to the children

Evidence must be presented at a custody or allocation of parental rights hearing in order for a judge to seriously consider ordering supervised parenting time.

Supervised Visits: What Does It Look Like in Arvada and Golden?

In Wheat Ridge, Arvada, and Golden, there are various types of supervision related to visitation:

  • 3rd Party Supervision – a friend, relative, or qualified supervision agency is required to be present during visits
  • Group Supervision – the visit must be in public areas with a supervisor present
  • Parental Supervision – the custodial parent must be present at the visitation
  • Therapeutic Supervision – the visit must be held in a therapy session with a qualified therapeutic professional
  • Virtual Supervision – the visit must be recorded or monitored via a phone call, video call, or some other virtual monitoring

If you are wanting your child to have supervised visits or fighting against allegations that may result in supervised parenting time, contact the best family law attorneys from the Pearman Law Firm at 720-259-9528 .

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