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Wheat Ridge Family Law Attorney | Questions to Expect in a Divorce or Custody Hearing

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2017 | Divorce |


If there are contested issues in your Wheat Ridge divorce or child custody case, then your case will be set for hearing in front of a Jefferson County Court family law judge. Often, our clients have never been to any official court proceedings where they will need to testify, so they want to know what types of questions to expect. Here, we will discuss some of the questions you may be asked at your hearing, depending on the contested issues. For a more comprehensive list, you should contact an experienced family law attorney who can fully prepare you for your upcoming hearing.

Questions Related to Contested Financial Issues for Spousal Maintenance or Child Support

When the contested issues are related to finances and the amount of spousal maintenance or child support requested, then you will be asked questions about income – how much money you make and specifically how you are paid. If spousal maintenance is the issue, the party requesting the support will be asked about their reasonable needs and their employment and income. If you are being asked to pay the support, you will be asked about whether you can meet your needs while paying spousal support. For child support, the non-custodial parent may be asked about any other children the party is financially responsible for and expenses related to the children.

Child Custody and Parenting Time Contested Issues: Questions to Expect

The Jefferson County judge will want to know what exactly you are requesting in regards to parenting time and what your current parenting time situation is. The judge will also want to know how parental duties are allocated, like who takes the kids to the doctor’s appointments and who usually handles the bedtime routine. Work schedules and child care will also be addressed.

Contested Issues Regarding Division of Marital Property

If dividing your Golden marital property is an issue that will be addressed during the family law hearing, then you will be asked questions about the value of your home and if the home was purchased during the marriage. You will also be asked questions about debt and current bank accounts. No matter what issues are going to be addressed at hearing, it’s important you have a family law attorney to not only prepare you, but to represent you at hearing.

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