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Wheat Ridge Alimony Attorney | Different Types of Spousal Maintenance Payments in Jefferson County

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While many in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County refer to payments one spouse must pay to another after divorce as alimony, in Colorado is it referred to as spousal maintenance. Alimony and spousal maintenance payments are one of the biggest pieces in a divorce case, along with child custody and child support. There are many difference types of maintenance or alimony that one party may be rewarded during divorce proceedings. Let’s take a look at the types of alimony you may be awarded, or that you may be required to pay.

Different Types of Alimony or Maintenance in Golden and Arvada

There are 4 different types of alimony or spousal maintenance that the court may reward depending on the circumstances surrounding the marriage and divorce:

1. Permanent Maintenance: Permanent maintenance is just that, permanent. It means that one party will be paying the other indefinitely until one of the following things happens:

  • The party paying the spousal maintenance dies;
  • The party receiving the spousal maintenance payments dies; or
  • The party receiving the spousal maintenance payments remarries.

You should note there have been cases where the paying party has been required to continue payments even after the receiving party remarries.

2. Temporary Maintenance: Temporary alimony or maintenance means that one party is only required to pay maintenance while the divorce is pending. Once everything has been finalized and the divorce decree is issued, the payments are no longer required. Usually, a temporary order is issued at the onset of the case, requiring these payments to help the receiving spouse maintain their lifestyle while the divorce is pending.

3. Rehabilitative Maintenance: Rehabilitative alimony is set for a certain period of time, with the intention that the receiving party be able to get an education, job training, or job experience so they can become independent. It can also be used for a parent of young children to be able to stay home with the kids until they are in school. With this type of maintenance, often a review date will be set where the judge will re-evaluate and determine if the payments need to continue, end or be modified.

4. Reimbursement Maintenance: Reimbursement maintenance is awarded when one party needs to reimburse the other for certain costs. Usually, this relates to any financial assistance one spouse gave so the other could complete school or job training.

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