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Wheat Ridge Child Custody and Parental Rights Attorney | Woman Jailed for Baptizing Daughter

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2018 | Child Custody |


When the Jefferson County Court judge signs off on a child custody or parenting agreement, it is binding. That means that the items outlined in the agreement are meant to be followed, whether you changed your mind or not. That’s why it is so important to have an experienced Wheat Ridge family law attorney on your side when entering into any agreements regarding your children- because until a judge tells you otherwise, you are held to that original agreement. A mother recently realized the seriousness of her allocation of parental responsibilities agreement when she was sent to jail for violating it.

Making Parental Decisions Regarding Your Child After a Divorce or Split in Lakewood and Golden

According to the news report, the family court judge had given full custody of the little girl to her father. He had the responsibility of all decision making regarding the child, including any religious matters. Both parents were practicing Catholics, but had disagreed concerning the religious upbringing of their daughter, which led to delaying her baptism. The mother chose to defy the judge’s order one day after they were entered and had the child christened. The father found out through social media and reported it to the court.

Consequences of Defying a Jefferson County Court Judge’s Orders: Contempt of Court

Whether you agree with it or not, what the judge says goes. So, if you choose to ignore those orders, you can face serious consequences. Much like the woman above, failure to follow a judge’s orders can result in a contempt of court finding. This could lead to severe penalties, including being sent to the Jefferson County Jail. Judges do not like to be defied.

Importance of Having a Wheat Ridge Family Law Attorney for Child Custody Agreements

The best way to make sure you can live with the terms of your child custody agreement is to work out the terms outside of court. When you are you ex can come to agreements on certain things, it makes it easier to live by those agreements. Only when you are at a standstill, where no one is willing to budge should you put it in the hands of the judge. Either way, it is most beneficial to you if you have a knowledgeable child custody attorney to help you through the process and make sure that you are protected every step of the way.

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