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Wheat Ridge Child Custody Attorney | As a Father, Can I Get Full Custody of My Children?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2018 | Child Custody |


Fathers in Wheat Ridge and Arvada often feel that they have less of a chance getting full custody of their children than mothers do. This is, however, not the case. Single fathers can get full custody of their children if there is good cause to give it to them. Remember, the Jefferson County family law courts want to act in the best interest of the child. Ideally, this means co-parenting where both parents are actively involved and spending time with their children. But, co-parenting is not always an option nor is it always what’s best for the kids. Let’s look at the different variables related to child custody and single fathers.

Factors the Court Considers When Deciding Custody: How Can a Father Get Full Custody?

The first factor a court will consider deciding custody is paternity. Paternity can be established by the child’s birth certificate or during a paternity proceeding, acknowledging paternity on the record. The court will want to verify that you are the legal father to the child or children. Another factor is the child’s relationship with their father. The court will want documentation about visitation and child support, if applicable. You will likely be asked questions, as the court will want to know that you have been in the child’s life regularly and that you offer a stable home environment. Another consideration is the child’s relationship with their mother. The court will not likely just take the children from their mother without a good reason. Typically, a good reason would include abuse or an unsafe environment.

Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities: Can Majority of the Rights Be Given to the Father

Even when extenuating circumstances exist, the Jefferson County Court is not likely to remove a mother from the child’s life permanently. Often, visitation will be allowed, even if it starts out as monitored or supervised visitation. When the courts still want the mother involved in the children’s lives, you can request to have all the parental responsibilities and decision making. This means that while the child will still spend time with his/her mother, you would have the ability to make all decisions regarding health, school, religion, etc. Basically, the father would get the right to make any decisions, while the mother would just get specified visitation times.

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