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Wheat Ridge Child Custody and Parenting Plans Attorney | Back-to-School Season Often Means Serious Scheduling Changes

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2018 | Child Custody |


Usually, the back to school season is a process of getting back into a routine and figuring out what your child’s new schedule will look like. This can be more complicated for divorced parents who are tied to a child custody agreement and specific parenting plan. Say your child has entered the teenage years and is involved in more extracurricular activities and those activities conflict with the schedule laid out in the parenting plan. What happens if your current parenting plan no longer works for you, your former spouse, and especially your children?

Communication and Flexibility are Key in a Jefferson County Child Custody Situation

The best way to deal with a parenting plan issue is to work with your co-parent to determine and agree on what modifications are necessary and the most appropriate way to address them. You need to be open with your children’s other parent. Communication is so important! Discuss what the new schedule looks like and how each parent can change things around to make sure that you each still get time with your kids, and that your children are able to participate in other activities. This likely means you will need to be flexible and willing to change things around. You should make arrangements for when possible last minute or unexpected things come up. If you can communicate and have a plan in place for when those things arise, things will go much more smoothly. The best way to address this is to sit down in person with your children’s other parent and plan – write it all out on a calendar or share an online calendar that both parents have access to. This way, there aren’t any questions about who will pick the kids up from school or practice, who will go to what event, and where the kids will be on break.

Modifying the Parenting Plan: Dealing with a Difficult Co-Parent in Arvada

If your former spouse is unwilling to communicate with you or be flexible with the parenting plan, then you may need to go to the court about getting a modification. An experienced Arvada child custody attorney can help you file the request with the court and notify the other parent about the modification request and hearing. At the hearing, the judge will listen to arguments as to why the modification is necessary and if they are founded, the judge will grant it.

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