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September 2018 Archives

Arvada Legal Separation Attorney | When is Legal Separation in Wheat Ridge the Right Choice?

agreement-3476369_640.jpgOften, couples who are hesitant to jump into divorce seek other options, like an Arvada or Wheat Ridge legal separation. The idea of permanently ending your marriage may be overwhelming, you may still have hope that things can be worked out, or maybe it's just not the right time because you will lose out on certain benefits. Whatever the cause of your reluctance, legal separation may the right option for you and your spouse.

Child Custody and Parenting Plans in Arvada | Wheat Ridge Family Law Attorney

family-2324116_640.jpgParenting plans are an important part of any divorce involving children or child custody in Wheat Ridge and Arvada. This is the document that outlines parenting time, parental responsibilities, and any other important information regarding raising the children. This includes where the child will live on which days, how time during the holidays will be split, and how vacations will be addressed. It also covers things like medical care and extracurricular activities for your kids. Basically, this legal document is meant to address any and all issues related to parenting when dealing with a co-parenting situation. The problem with these plans is that they often become outdated - because your needs and your children's need will inevitably change as life progresses.

Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer | Common Mistakes Made During Divorce Proceedings

stop-1591529_640.jpgWhen the decision is made to file for divorce in Wheat Ridge, Golden, or Lakewood, it is usually a very hard time in both parties' lives. Because of the emotional nature of the process, it is easy to make mistakes along the way. Some of those mistakes can have long term effects on your life, so it is important to trust your divorce attorney and try to stay level headed during this especially difficult time.

Wheat Ridge Gray Divorce Attorney | What is a Gray Divorce in Arvada?

hands-981400_640.jpgDivorce can be a choice that couples make no matter how long they have been married in Wheat Ridge and Arvada. We often assume that divorces are more common in younger couples, but gray divorces are becoming more and more common. What is a gray divorce? It's the term used to describe a divorce where the parties are both over the age of 50 or they have been married for at least 20 years. Gray divorce brings its own set of issues, that can be different from the divorce of a younger couple. If you are looking to get a gray divorce in Jefferson County, let's take a look at the potential complications that you might face.

Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer | What if My Former Spouse Doesn't Get a Divorce Attorney?

business-3365360_640.jpgWhile we always recommend that each party involved in a divorce hire an experienced divorce attorney, sometimes one party will choose to handle the divorce proceedings on their own. Whatever the reason, when your spouse chooses not to hire a divorce lawyer, it can affect the way your divorce progresses. Below are some things you should expect if you are the only one who hires a Jefferson County family law attorney to support you through your divorce.

Arvada Child Custody Attorney | How Apps Can Aid in Successful Co-Parenting

iphone-410311_640.jpgCo-Parenting and Child Custody can be a difficult endeavor after a Wheat Ridge or Arvada divorce, but luckily there are apps that can be extremely helpful in facilitating communication between co-parents. The technology is especially helpful for parents who might not communicate well - as you can cut down on the face-to-face or over the phone contact and have record of the communications as well. Let's look at some popular apps that can help you and your co-parent successfully parent your children.

Arvada Divorce Attorney | Divorce Deposition: What Is It and How Do I Prepare?

microphone-704255_640.jpgThough not all divorce cases in Arvada and Wheat Ridge require a deposition, it can be necessary for some. A deposition is when each party involved in the divorce gives testimony and answers questions. These depositions usually do not take place in the courtroom, but the procedures are similar - the person giving the testimony is sworn in and advised to tell the truth. Depositions are recorded and the statements made can be used in front of a judge at a later time if the case requires it.

Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer | Things to Do Before Filing for Divorce in Jefferson County

journal-791286_640.jpgWhen making a big life decision, like filing for divorce, it's important that you do a little planning and preparing before jumping right in. Divorce is a long process, that can be emotionally and financially taxing, but by doing a few preparations on the front end, you can help prevent potential problems down the line, which can help streamline the process. Let's look at the things you should be doing before going filing for a Wheat Ridge dissolution of marriage.

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