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Risks Involved with Dating During Divorce in Arvada: Is It Worth It? | An Experienced Wheat Ridge Family Law Attorney Weighs In

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Often, when couples make the decision to divorce, in their minds they are single. While you may not have the same commitment to your spouse that you during the marriage, it may not be best to jump right back in to the dating scene. Dating during your divorce can cause complications and impact your child custody and parenting time. Let’s look at the impact dating can have during your divorce proceedings.

Dating During Divorce in Jefferson County: No Fault Divorce Doesn’t Mean Dating Won’t Have an Impact

Colorado is a no fault divorce state, which means you do not have to give the court a reason for why you are choosing to divorce. It used to be that one party would have to show cause for why the couple was divorcing – like abandonment or adultery. Now, while those factors may have played a huge role in choosing to divorce, it is not something that the court takes into consideration. This means that if you choose to get into a new relationship, your spouse cannot use that against you through a cheating or adultery allegation. Dating during the pendency of your divorce can cause hard feelings, which may keep one party from wanting to negotiate and compromise amicably. A new relationship can affect the divorce in other ways as well. When it comes to dividing property or spousal support, living with a new partner can affect the amount you receive due to your combined assets. If one party is dating, but not living with a new partner, then any gifts and expenses related to the new relationship could be factored into any property division.

Child Custody, Divorce, and Dating: How Dating Can Affect Your Parenting Time

Divorce is a trying time for everyone, especially kids. They are dealing with the uncertainty of change and trying to figure out what their new normal will be. The last thing you want to do is make it more difficult for your children by introducing someone new. While the courts do not generally let kids make the decisions about custody, older children’s thoughts on this can be taken into consideration. If your children are uncomfortable with your dating situation, they may make statements about wanting to be with their other parent. The other parent may push for more custody because they are uncomfortable with a new person being around the kids as well.

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