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Wheat Ridge Divorce Attorney | Merry Christmas from the Pearman Law Firm!

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While the holidays can be a fun and exciting time, it can also be painful for those recently separated or preparing for a divorce. Whether you are staying together just through the holidays, knowing that your split will be happening soon, or you have already separated and your holidays look very different than they normally do, here are some tips to help.

Tips for Handling the Holidays During a Divorce in Arvada and Jefferson County

· Count Your Blessings: Christmas is a great time to reflect on all the great things going on in your life. Make a list of all the things you have to be thankful for. It may seem silly, but you will feel better after looking at all the positive things in your life. Plus, it’s a great thing to refer back to when you are having a rough day.

· Give Back: If you are feeling down or unfulfilled, donate your time to help those in need. Go shopping for a family less fortunate to help brighten their holidays. Giving back will not only better someone else’s life, but it will lift your spirits as well.

· Get Professional Help: There is no shame in meeting with a mental health professional to work through the feelings and emotions you are having. Your mental health is important!

· Be Careful About Imbibing: Holiday celebrations usually include alcohol. Be careful about over indulging during this time. It’s not a healthy outlet for you.

· Do Not Isolate: Surround yourself with friends and family. Sometimes just being around those who love you can raise your spirits and help make the season bright! Don’t pull away from those who want to be there for you during this difficult time.

· Stay Active and Eat Healthy: When you physically feel good, it helps with your mental health. Exercise can also be a healthy outlet for negative feelings as you can use those feelings to bolster your exercise program and you will feel more accomplished after the session is complete.

We hope that no matter where you are in your divorce process, you have a happy and peaceful holiday season. If you need legal help with your divorce, call the best family law attorneys from the Pearman Law Firm at 720-259-9528 for a initial phone consultation.

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