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Wheat Ridge Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer | Is Mediation a Good Option for Your Situation?

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2019 | Divorce |

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Mediation is a common term you will hear during a family law case, like a divorce or child custody case in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, or Golden. You may be wondering if your situation is conducive for mediation – will it be a financially smart decision or just a waste of money during an already expensive process? Let’s look at some different aspects of cases that may make help you make that decision.

Is Your Former Spouse / Partner Willing to Compromise in a Jefferson County Mediation?

First and foremost, if your ex is not willing to compromise on any of the issues related to your Jefferson County divorce or child custody case, then mediation will likely be a waste of money. The mediation process requires openness and compromise. It involves a neutral third party attempting to facilitate agreements between two parties regarding contested issues. If you or your former spouse are unwilling to negotiate, then mediation will likely be a fruitless endeavor.

Should I Still Get an Arvada Divorce Attorney If I Am Planning to Do Mediation?

Yes! We suggest that you have an experienced family law attorney before doing any mediation. That way, your attorney can advise you on the process and prepare you for the mediation. Attorneys who have been doing this as long as we have know that it’s important to have the information and advice beforehand to make sure you get the most out of your mediation session. It may even be helpful to have your attorney attend with you – just to make sure that you are protected in the process.

Why is Mediation Favorable to Taking the Issue to the Family Law Court Judge?

Mediation is generally preferable to letting the judge decide because you will have more say in the outcome. Sometimes with a judge it can be an all or nothing situation. If you can come to a compromise where you may have to give up a little something, it’s better than the judge deciding to give the other party everything they are asking for, leaving you with nothing.

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