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Wheat Ridge Prenuptial Agreement Attorney | Tips for Talking to Your Partner about a Pre-Nup

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Family Law |


Prenuptial agreements or pre-nups can be a very hard topic to bring up, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bring it up to avoid an uncomfortable conversation. Prenuptial agreements have many benefits, to both parties actually, but they seem to have a bad rap. There is an assumption that when you ask for a prenup, you don’t have faith that the marriage will work out. This is why you need to be strategic when bringing up the idea to get your future spouse on board because you can’t force anyone to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Tips for Discussing Arvada Prenuptial Agreements with Your Future Spouse

1. Be Honest – First and foremost, you need to be honest about why you are considering a pre-nup. Discuss your fears and the security everyone will feel after having this document in place. Being vague or just saying that it’s a good idea can leave too much to the imagination for your significant other. Likely, your reasons are far less scary than the worst-case scenario ones that would easily be jumped to.

2. Don’t Make Demands – You never want to come off as demanding when broaching the prenuptial agreement conversation. Telling someone they have to sign it or threatening not to marry them if they don’t sign it will not get you the desired outcome. Make it a conversation where both parties are heard so you avoid a contentious situation.

3. Ask Questions – Again, make this a conversation – don’t do all the talking. Ask questions to read how the conversation is going and keep your future spouse invested in the conversation.

4. Be Patient – Don’t rush through the process of getting a prenup. Expect that there will be multiple conversations before any decisions are made. Contact an attorney early to help with your prenuptial agreement and discuss what’s important to include in your prenup. Include your future spouse in on these conversations.

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