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Arvada Child Custody Attorney | How You Can Use Your Living Situation to Support Child Custody

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | Child Custody |


When you are requesting child custody parenting time, whether it is through a divorce case or you are asking for a modification to a current parenting plan, you want to do everything you can to increase your chances or getting what you have asked for. While much of the decision is out of your hands, something you can do is ensure that you have the best chance is providing an appropriate living situation for your children. This can actually make a huge difference in child custody issues in Arvada and Wheat Ridge. Let’s look at some factors you should consider for your living environment when requesting parenting time.

Factors in Appropriate Living Situations in Wheat Ridge: Ages and Genders of Children

When considering if your living situation is appropriate, a judge looks for various things. One important factor is that the children that are the opposite gender from you have a private space. Even if the child is young, this is still something the judge would want to see. If you have older children, it is important that they have their own private space, like their own bedroom, and are not having to share with siblings.

Jefferson County Child Custody and Parenting Time Factor: Number of Children in the House

As stated above, a judge will prefer to see children have their own space. If you have four children in a two bedroom home, a judge may not find it appropriate for your children to share one room and therefore not want to give you more parenting time. You can get a bigger space or some place with more bedrooms before requesting more parenting time and visitation to address this potential sentence ahead of time.

Children’s Safety is the Number One Priority in Golden

The most important thing a judge will consider is the safety of the children when they are in your home. If your house is deemed unsafe in any way, then the judge will not likely give you more time. This could include the house itself – issues with access to weapons, alcohol, drugs, etc., or the neighborhood where your house is located.

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