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Child Custody Attorney in Arvada | Tips for Easy Custody Exchanges

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Child Custody |

Read some tips for making custody exchanges easier on your children and you.

Child custody exchanges are an important part of co-parenting in Arvada and Jefferson County. It’s important that these exchanges go well for the sake of the children. Now, I know that you are only half the equation. Both parents need to be on board in order for things to go smoothly. But, if everyone can just keep the kids and their needs at the forefront, child custody exchanges can go smoothly. Here are some tips for keeping custody exchanges a positive experience for your kiddos.

Conversations During the Custody Exchange: Keep it Light

Be smart about the conversations you have with your ex during the exchange. That is not the time to have difficult conversations or bring up complaints. If there is a specific issue you need to address, make sure that you handle this at another time, when the kids aren’t around. You don’t want to put the other parent in a foul mood just before they begin their time with the children. That may result in a negative experience for the kids, or their other parent making unkind comments about you. You want to keep the exchanges as positive and pleasant as possible.

Establish a Routine for Your Wheat Ridge Child Custody Exchange

Consistency is the key when it comes to child exchanges. With all the changes that come with getting a divorce or having parents split up, your kids will want as much consistency as possible. Following an established routine is the best way to accomplish this. Make sure your child knows the routine as well. If, for instance, your co-parent picks the kids up from school on Friday afternoon and keeps them for the weekend, make sure that they are reminded on Friday that their other parent will be picking them up. If something with the schedule needs to change (which obviously is bound to happen every once in a while), let the children know ahead of time and assure them that it will go back to normal next time.

Consider Your Child’s Feelings

Don’t take it personally if your child is upset to leave one parent during the exchange. Some kids have a hard time with change. It won’t last forever. Let them know that they can call and speak to the other parent anytime – and allow them to do so if they ask. It’s a difficult time for all – you don’t want to be away from your children and they don’t want to be away from you, even if they are looking forward to seeing their other parent.

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