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Golden Attorney for Parenting Time | Tips for Making a Parenting Schedule

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Child Custody |

Read some tips for making a parenting schedule with you co-parent in Golden and Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

When two parents split up in Golden, Colorado, there are many things to consider when making a parenting schedule. This plan must be submitted to the Jefferson County Court. The more detailed the plan is, the better because it reduces the chance of misunderstandings or arguments down the line. If there are issues that the parents cannot agree on, then the court is tasked with making the decision. Now, when making a parenting plan, it’s important to customize the plan to meet the needs of your children. Let’s look at some tips for making a parenting plan in Wheat Ridge.

Tips for Making a Parenting Schedule: Things to Consider

The Age of the Children

The needs of your kids will vary depending on their ages. For example, your 4-year-old will have different needs than a teenager and your parenting plan should reflect that. An older child may have no qualms moving back and forth between each parent’s house, while that may be too much for a younger child. You should consider the age of your child when making determinations about the parenting plan. You should also think about the child’s needs related to school and social as well when discussing where and when your child will be with each parent.


When creating your parenting plan, you should also consider the distance between the two parents. When parents live close to each other, they can make decisions that allow the children to easily have a lot of contact with each parent. They can more easily share responsibilities like getting kids to and from school and attending extracurricular activities like sports and hobbies. Parents who live far from each other will have to consider more widespread scheduling like visitation during holidays, school breaks, and weekends.

Openness and Adaptability

Preferably, you and your co-parent will be willing to be flexible and open to changes as you get a feel for how the parenting plan really works. The fact is, everything may look great on paper, but then it actuality, it doesn’t work well for your kids. Or, it may work well but then as your kids get older, needs change and things must be re-evaluated. It’s important to remember that this plan is all about what’s best for your kids.

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