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Jefferson County Mediation Attorney | Mediation and Guardianship Disputes

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2020 | Estate Planning |

When a parent or loved one ages, often they deal with a decline in health. Whether it be a mental or physical decline, they are in a vulnerable state. It’s not uncommon that you would want to step in and make sure they are protected. For some, a guardian will need to be established. This guardian will be responsible for making decision regarding care. But, what happens if you disagree with the guardian’s decisions? Mediation may be an effective way to work through any issues regarding a loved one’s care, without having to take the issues to court.

Guardianship Mediation in Wheat Ridge and Arvada: Pros of Trying Mediation for Guardian Disputes

Mediation is less expensive

Litigation is expensive because there is no exact timeline. You pay an attorney for their time, and the issue with the court can drag on. Mediation is a much less expensive route and usually worth a try as a first step. Now, if nothing results from the mediation, then it may be time to move forward with taking the issue to the Jefferson County Court. But, it’s usually worth it to try the less expensive method, to see if things can be resolved in this manner. Mediation is also a more private way to handle the issue, as you won’t be putting your business in front of the court, which keeps everything as public record.

Mediation can keep the dispute at a minimum and avoid family rifts

Anytime there is a disagreement, it can cause friction with the other family members. You don’t want it to become a one side against the other, effectively splitting the family in two. Especially, since usually all parties involved just want what’s best for your loved one. Mediation is a much less adversarial route to addressing the issue. It can be approached as a collaboration between the parties instead of a fight.

Mediation may offer options no one thought of

The court is usually pretty bound by what it can do. Meaning, there are usually a set number of ways things can be resolved. For mediation, the possibilities are endless. You can work with the mediator to come to an agreement that no one even thought of. Mediators are trained to ask the right questions, get to the heart of an issue, and work to find a compromise everyone can agree to. This is not at all the way the court would handle the issue.

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