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A Guardianship Can Keep Loved Ones Safe

Watching a loved one age comes with challenges and even heartache. You worry about their well-being and whether others treat them with care and respect. Most people will eventually reach an age where they need assistance, either caring for themselves or keeping track of their finances. In a perfect world, everyone will plan for this situation in advance, providing powers of attorney to dictate who will help them when this time comes. Unfortunately, not everyone does that.

If you have a loved one who needs help caring for their daily needs, talk to the attorneys at Pearman Law Firm, P.C., about petitioning the court to appoint you or another person as the guardian. We have been helping Colorado families solve their legal problems for over 30 years, and we understand that this is a difficult decision to make.

Conservatorship In Colorado: Assisting With Financial Decisions

Similar to the guardians, conservators assist people with financial decisions and watching over assets. If your loved one is unable to make financial decisions and does not have a durable power of attorney to appoint someone to this role, we can assist you in filing for a conservatorship. The local probate court can appoint a conservator to care for your loved one’s finances.

Guardianship For Minors: Who Should Care For The Children?

Although guardianship and conservatorship most often arise with the elderly, we do assist families with guardianship for other groups of people, as well. Perhaps you are taking on the role of guardian for a child in your life. Whether the child’s parents died or lost their parental rights through a court process, we can assist you in petitioning for guardianship.

In other cases, we help families become guardians and/or conservators for a vulnerable or disabled adult. When disabled children turn 18, parents are no longer their legal guardians, and if the child still needs a guardian, the court must appoint one.

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