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Should you tell your boss about your divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Divorce |

Divorce can surface a lot of strong emotions that prevent you from focusing on other areas of your life. Processing your feelings and accepting reality takes time and patience.

Trying to manage a career and your job-related responsibilities when you have a serious personal crisis can backfire if not carefully navigated. Telling your boss your situation may help to alleviate some of your stress as you work through your divorce.

Do not overshare

There is nothing wrong with disclosing your divorce to your boss. In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, your employer can extend compassion and flexibility when they know a bit more about your situation. This knowledge may enable them to provide support and encouragement. However, refrain from the temptation to share personal details about your situation. Providing irrelevant details can come across as a confession and make people feel uncomfortable. Additionally, what you say could impact your reputation and your credibility.

Consider forming a brief description of your situation prior to your conversation with your boss. This way, when you begin that conversation, you can confidently share your story in a way that shows class, respect and professionalism to yourself and others.

Commit to professionalism

The way you handle your divorce at work can have quite an impact on your reputation and your career success. Take a proactive approach to fill out any applicable paperwork with human resources, particularly if you have employee-sponsored retirement benefits. Take control of your situation and designate times outside of work to address divorce-related concerns.

Never use your personal crisis as an excuse for a lackluster work ethic. Your commitment to your job can help you get past your divorce. You can continue to achieve career milestones as you rebuild your future. Despite your personal circumstances, you still have full control over your career and your long-term success.