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How to announce divorce on social media

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2022 | Divorce |

When you and your spouse decide to separate or divorce, you may feel tempted to post it on social media. You have good reason to want your friends and family to know your decision, but you may want to hesitate before posting anything.

When working through a divorce, there are a couple of social media rules to keep in mind.

Be careful of negativity

After a breakup, you may want to rant about your relationship on social media. Nowadays, people share everything and it feels normal to rant to your close friends and family. Unfortunately, everything you say on social media can hurt your case. Instead of posting anything negative, try to keep all your posts positive and do not talk openly about the divorce. You may announce the divorce but do not give any details about it. Only share the reasons in private with close friends and family.

Make your social media private

If you do not already have a private social media account, you need one while going through the proceedings. Your spouse’s attorney and your spouse can use everything you post against you. For example, if your friends tag you in vacation pictures, they may use it against you regarding alimony or child support. Ask your friends and family not to tag you. Likewise, unfriend and block those you do not trust.

Most people have little reason to know the ins and outs of marital division and child custody law. Because you may not know what could compromise your case, you should care what you post on social media.