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What happens if my ex and I disagree on where our child should go to school?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2023 | Family Law |

After a divorce, parents still need to collaborate and compromise on a wide variety of issues for the sake of their child’s well-being. One topic of discussion you will likely encounter, especially if you and your ex live in different school districts, is where exactly your child should go to school.

While the best solution may seem obvious from one point of view, the other parent might see things very differently. If you and your ex disagree about where to enroll your child, it is important for you to understand your decision-making rights as a parent and how you can arrive at a final decision.

Can my co-parent decide where to enroll our child without me?

Both parents share decision-making power over the raising of their child, including where their child goes to school. Even if your ex-spouse is the primary custodian, they cannot decide where to enroll your child without your approval. This is a matter that requires compromise and finding a middle ground, but you might need an alternative method of settling the dispute if you cannot come to an agreement.

How can we come to a decision on enrollment if we disagree?

If normal discussion and even mediation cannot lead to a solution on where your child should go to school, you and your ex-spouse may need to put the matter in someone else’s hands. One option is to take the matter to court, in which a judge will rule based on the child’s best interests. Another solution is to undergo arbitration, which provides an unbiased ruling without the legally-binding nature of a court decision.

Endless back-and-forth discussion may get you nowhere and might instead fuel further conflict. Using alternate dispute resolution methods ensures a swift conclusion to the matter while upholding your child’s best interests.