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Wheat Ridge Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer | Is Mediation a Good Option for Your Situation?

Thumbnail image for benjamin-child-17946-unsplash.jpgMediation is a common term you will hear during a family law case, like a divorce or child custody case in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, or Golden. You may be wondering if your situation is conducive for mediation - will it be a financially smart decision or just a waste of money during an already expensive process? Let's look at some different aspects of cases that may make help you make that decision.

Arvada Child Custody Attorney | How to Effectively Co-Parent with Your Former Spouse

rawpixel-682403-unsplash.jpgIt's very common that after an Arvada divorce and child custody case, there can be hard feelings. You don't just get to walk away from that person, as much as you may want to, if you share children. While you may not like it, it's important that you effectively communicate with your ex, because it's what's best for your children. After a divorce, they are going through a transition too, and the better the two of you handle things, the better your kids will as well.

An Experienced Arvada Divorce Lawyer Explains the Divorce Process: Step By Step From Beginning to End

checklist-2077020_640.jpgThe timeline for getting a divorce in Arvada, Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County depends different variables, as everyone's situation is unique, however, the process is the same for everyone in Colorado.

Wheat Ridge Parental Responsibilities Attorney | What is Early Neutral Assessment (ENA)?

iocenters-2673328_640.jpgChances are, when you are getting a Wheat Ridge or Jefferson County divorce or dealing with child custody, you will be required to attend an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) session. When is comes to divorce and related issues, the ADR is often in the form of mediation. However, there are other options as well. If the only issue that needs to be worked through is related to parenting and your children, then Early Neutral Assessment (ENA) may be the right choice for you.

Mediation in a Wheat Ridge Divorce: A Lawyer's Advice on Good Faith Mediation

agreement-2679506_640.jpgDuring a Wheat Ridge or Arvada divorce, child custody case, or a request to modify a previous custody or child support order, mediation is usually ordered by the Jefferson County Court. Judges order the parties to attend a mediation before the they enter any orders, in hopes a settlement can be reached. A requirement for this mediation session is that the parties must mediate 'in good faith.' So, what does it mean to make a good faith effort in mediation?

Mediation and Mediator for Wheat Ridge Divorce: Lawyer Explains the Jefferson County Court Process

pexels-photo-70292.jpegCouples in Wheat Ridge, Golden, and Lakewood who are starting the process of getting a divorce often have questions about what mediation is and what exactly it entails. Well, mediation is process where the two parties involved in the divorce meet with an impartial third party to discuss concerns and interests related to the divorce. The mediator's role is to remain neutral, hearing both sides, and trying to help the parties come to some sort of settlement or compromise. If you are interested in attending mediation with your separated spouse, it is a good idea to bring you divorce attorney with you. While the mediator is tasked with staying impartial, you will want someone there who can make sure your best interests are being protected when any decisions are being made.

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