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Ludacris seeks the sole custody of his 2-month-old daughter

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2014 | Child Custody |

Parents in Colorado know how important it is to discuss child custody issues during divorce or in cases of unwed parents. Generally, child custody focuses on the best interests of the child and not the parents. Family court judges determine which parent best fits as the custodial parent of the children and grants the non-custodial parent visitation rights, allowing a continued parental role with the children.

Our readers may be surprised to know that Ludacris, the rapper and one of the cast members in Fast and Furious 7, is currently seeking sole custody of his 2-month-old daughter. Ludacris was embroiled in a child support dispute with the mother of the child, who sought $15,000 in monthly child support. The father claimed that he was incapable of paying the support because his finances were affected after the filming of Fast and Furious 7 was halted due to Paul Walker’s sudden passing.

Now, the father claims that he is a fit and capable parent, requesting full custody of his daughter, according to legal documents. Ludacris had also requested the mother of the child pay child support.

Cases like this can be settled through litigation or by using alternative methods such as mediation or collaborative law. Before heading to court, parents can choose to discuss the issue and create a parenting plan based on their schedules and lifestyles. Seeking sole custody of the child may not be the best option for both parents who want to have equal time to spend with the children. Additionally, a child may have a hard time growing up with only one parental figure in their life.

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