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Wheat Ridge Family Law Lawyer | My Ex Won’t Follow Our Custody Order: What Can I Do?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2018 | Child Custody |


When the Jefferson County Court enters an order regarding child custody and the allocation of parental responsibilities, it is expected to be followed. Even if everyone involved was originally on board and there were no contested issues, that doesn’t mean that things always stay that way. Often, people in this situation are not sure what options they have and how they can get help to ensure that their ex will follow the order. Let’s look at the possible avenues you can take to remedy the situation.

Getting Law Enforcement Involved: Can I Call the Police on My Ex for Not Following the Child Custody Agreement?

If your ex is not following the court ordered child custody agreement, you can call the Arvada or Wheat Ridge police to see if they will assist you with the issue. They may be willing to get involved in helping get you children back with you if it is your parenting time. There is however, a chance that they will not assist in these matters and will tell you to call your attorney or file something with the Jefferson County Court. Help from law enforcement can be a more immediate relief if you are looking for some quick help. You do want to consider the effect having police get involved will have on your children before going that route.

Contempt of Court: Filing a Motion to Get the Court Involved in a Child Custody Issue

If you choose not to get police involved, they will not assist you, or the issue continues even after getting police support, your next step is to file a motion with the court. You can file a Contempt of Court motion or a Motion Regarding Parenting Time Disputes. Either way, the court will get involved in the issue. The Motion Regarding Parenting Time Disputes can be a quicker route and offers more possible solutions whereas a Contempt of Court motion is about sanctions for not following a court order and sometimes just creates more conflict between the two parties.

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