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Wheat Ridge Alimony and Spousal Maintenance Lawyer | Types of Spousal Maintenance in a Colorado Divorce

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When it comes to the alimony and spousal maintenance, that one party must pay through a divorce agreement, it is not a one-size-fits-all situation. There are different types of alimony that you may be required to pay or that you will be receiving. It’s important that you understand they type of spousal maintenance payments you will be getting or responsible for paying so that you can effectively plan for the future.

What is Temporary Alimony in an Arvada Divorce?

Temporary alimony or spousal maintenance is just that – temporary. It only lasts while the divorce is pending. These maintenance payments are only required if ordered through the temporary orders at the onset of the divorce proceedings. The purpose is to make sure the spouse receiving the payments can maintain the lifestyle they were accustomed to during the marriage.

Jefferson County Reimbursement Maintenance Payments

Reimbursement alimony is sometimes requested when one spouse helped pay for the other to go to school or job training in order to start or further a career. The spouse who helped can request repayment for those expenses.

Rehabilitative Alimony – Becoming Self Sufficient After a Golden Divorce

The purpose of this type of alimony or maintenance payment is help one spouse take the appropriate steps to becoming self-sufficient. The payments are commonly applied toward school or job training. Rehabilitative alimony is ordered for a set period of time – the amount of time the parties or the judge sees as appropriate for the receiving party to get everything in order. Sometimes, rehabilitative maintenance can be applied in situations where one parent is continuing to stay home with the children until they are in school full time and the parent can return to work.

Mountainview Divorce Lawyer and Permanent Spousal Maintenance

Permanent alimony is spousal support that continues on until the death of the receiving spouse. The only situation where permanent maintenance can stop is when the receiving spouse remarries.

Lump Sum Alimony – Paying It Off and Moving on After Divorce

As long as both parties agree, the alimony payment can be made in one lump sum. If the paying party has the resources, they may not want to deal with making monthly payments or the constant reminder of the divorce.

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