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Wheat Ridge Child Custody Lawyer | Can I Modify My Child Custody Agreement?

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2019 | Child Custody |

Do you think you need a child custody or parenting plan modification? Read more here to find out about the process.

During a divorce or through a child custody case in Wheat Ridge, co-parents will work to come up with a parenting plan or child custody agreement. This plan outlines the type of custody each parent has and the responsibilities each parent has related to the children. This plan may seem completely workable at the point that it is finalized, but sometimes the situation changes and you think a modification is necessary for the best interest of the child. If that happens, you can ask the Jefferson County Court to modify the parenting agreement. This must be done through a formal motion to the court. Now, the court does not modify these agreements lightly. They want to make sure that any modifications are in the best interest of the children. Let’s look at some reasons why a parent may need a child custody modification.

Reasons to Modify a Child Custody Agreement or Parenting Plan in Arvada


Most commonly, a parenting plan will need to be modified if one parent is changing addresses. This can affect where the child attends school, visitation with the other parent, and the commute between the two parents. These issues will need to be addressed and may require modifications on the current child custody agreement. If the move takes the child to another school, then living with one parent for part of a week and the other for the rest of the week might not work, as they will no longer be in the same vicinity of the school.

Dangerous Situations or Abuse

If you have evidence that your children are being abused or placed in dangerous situations while in the care of their other parent, then you will likely want to ask for a modification of the child custody agreement. The court will look into the allegations to determine if they are founded and if a modification is necessary to keep the child safe. It could mean that one parent gets sole physical custody of the children.

Custody Order Violations

If one parent is continually violating the custody order, then it may be time to request a modification. If your former spouse is not following through and allowing you to have your parenting time, you can have the court address the issue. The court will hear out both sides, but likely will allow for modifications because they have not been following a direct order from the court at the outset.

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