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Child Custody Archives

Wheat Ridge Parenting Time and Child Custody Lawyer | Do Both My Kids Have to be on the Same Parenting Plan Schedule?

day-planner-828611_640.jpgOften in Wheat Ridge divorce and child custody cases, there are multiple children involved. When parenting time and schedules are decided, it may feel like you have no choice but to agree to a one size fits all schedule for all your children. This is absolutely not the case. Your parenting time schedules can vary depending on the specific needs of each child. While it is always preferable to keep the sibling together as much as possible, your children do not need to be treated as a single entity when putting together a parenting plan.

Wheat Ridge Child Custody | Relocating Outside Jefferson County

girl-1163407_640.jpgThrough the Jefferson County divorce process, child custody and parenting time are decided and enforceable by a judge's order. But, sometimes, unexpected situations arise. This can definitely be the case when it comes to a move. Even though your parenting time is laid out in the child custody agreement, a change in location to a new state will need to be addressed in Jefferson County District Court. This is known as a child custody relocation.

Wheat Ridge Child Custody Attorney | How are Visitation and Custody Decided When Unmarried Parents Spilt?

divorce-156444_640.pngCustody and parenting laws in Jefferson County, Colorado, are easy to find when it relates to a divorcing couple. But, information on how custody works with unmarried parents is a different story. There is a different set of rules for this type of situation. If you are looking for assistance with a child custody case relating to a non-divorce spilt between you and the child's other parent, you need an experienced child custody attorney to help protect your rights related to time with your children.

Wheat Ridge Family Law Attorney | Grandparent Rights and Child Custody

grandparents-1969824_640.jpgWhen a Wheat Ridge, Arvada, or Mountain View couple with children decides to get a divorce, child custody can be a major concern. But, it's not just the parents who have rights to see the kids; grandparents also have visitation and custody rights. If you are a grandmother or grandfather worried about getting to spend time with your grandchildren, call us today. We will fight vigorously to make sure you grandchild can still be in your life.

What Colorado parents should know about children during a divorce

A divorce alters the lives of more than the couple involved; it changes their children's lives, too. Even the most amicable breakup can still have an emotional toll on children. For parents divorcing in Colorado, as elsewhere in the country, this can be a hard fact to accept. However, accepting this truth can help both parents and their children ride the emotional roller coaster more easily.

Divorce scenarios for children Colorado parents should avoid

Divorce can be a difficult time for children. Divorcing parents sometimes fail to realize that they risk straining their relationship with their children when they let the stress of divorce get the best of them. However, being aware of the divorce scenarios that hurt children the most can make it possible for Wheat Ridge, Colorado, divorcing couples to minimize the damage and help children cope with a break-up.

Ludacris seeks the sole custody of his 2-month-old daughter

Parents in Colorado know how important it is to discuss child custody issues during divorce or in cases of unwed parents. Generally, child custody focuses on the best interests of the child and not the parents. Family court judges determine which parent best fits as the custodial parent of the children and grants the non-custodial parent visitation rights, allowing a continued parental role with the children.

Children caught in game of custody tug-of-war

Divorced Wheat Ridge, Colorado, residents might agree that divorce can be difficult when children are caught in the middle. Emotions run high as divorcing spouses try to find the best possible custody arrangement for their children. Two sometimes easily confused custody concepts are joint legal custody and joint legal physical custody.

Child custody battle resumes between Palin and Johnston

Many Coloradoans have followed the lives of Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, the teenage Alaskan couple whose on-again, off-again relationship was tabloid fodder after her mother's unsuccessful run for the U.S. vice presidency.

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