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Arvada Probate Attorney

When your loved one has passed away, we can meet with you and go over all the assets to determine what you need to do. Often, just a few simple steps are needed and you will not have to file a probate case. If probate is needed, we will assist you with the case to get it through the court as efficiently as possible. We can assist you in challenging a will or defending against a will contest. For more information on contested probate or challenging a will, click here.

Guardianship Lawyer in Jefferson County: Medical Care

Planning ahead is always best because it means you will have more of a say in your care, should you need support. As you age, you may want to choose a guardian to make decisions about your health and personal care, should you become unable to make those decisions yourself. This can be done through a care plan/contract and through a medical power of attorney. If your loved one is unable to make decisions about his or her personal care and does not have a plan in place for this situation, we can assist you in filing for a guardianship. The court will then decide who should be in charge of another person's physical care. The person appointed is called a guardian.

Conservatorship in Wheat Ridge: Assisting with Financial Decisions

Similar to the guardianship issue, you can appoint a person to be your conservator should you need assistance with financial decisions as you age. This can be handled through your durable power of attorney. If your loved one is unable to make financial decisions and does not have a durable power of attorney or chosen conservator in place, we can assist you in filing for a conservatorship. The court can decide who should be in charge of another person's finances. The person appointed is called a conservator.

Golden Elder Law Attorney

As you get older, it's likely that your estate planning needs and priorities will change. It's important that you have good disability planning in place. This includes a durable power of attorney for finances, medical power of attorney, and advanced health care directives. Because life changes as you age, it's vital that you have these documents in place, or update them as necessary to make sure that your wants and needs are respected. You may need to rearrange things to account for nursing home care and to avoid having the court assign a guardian or conservator.

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