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The Proven Team For Responsive Colorado Trust Administration Assistance

If you are an executor, personal representative, trustee or beneficiary needing guidance, support or assistance with the settlement of an estate, the team at Pearman Law Firm, P.C. in Wheat Ridge can help. We offer a broad base of services. Our firm is agile, provides personal service and is able to act quickly.

The Exact Service You Need, When You Need It

We know trust administration can be complex and, at times, feel overwhelming, especially when there are so many legal terms being used. Our job is to make matters clear and explain the process step by step in a way that makes sense to you.

From the initial meeting to the distribution of assets and closing of the trust or estate, we are in consistent communication and remain accessible. As attorneys who are experienced in many areas of estate planning, we can foresee and circumvent issues.

Since we are a team with attorneys who are also skilled in financial legal matters, family law and business law, we are able to provide a broad-based legal perspective and insight into this process. Our goal is to keep the process moving forward with minimal conflict, exceptional accuracy and determined diligence.

We can assist with many facets of trust administration, including:

  • Beginning, guiding and executing the full Colorado probate process, including contested probate and trust administration
  • Assisting with notification of heirs and beneficiaries and distribution of assets
  • Resolving any trust funding issues
  • Providing guidance on valuation, bill payment and debt collection issues
  • Providing trustee or trust beneficiary representation

The role of trustee, executor or personal representative can take up a considerable amount of time, energy and resources. This is especially true for parents and those who have full-time jobs or live out of state. We can help transform what is potentially a confusing, burdensome task into a nearly painless and successful fulfillment of duty. We can also serve as a neutral, impartial party or designated trustee.

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If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one and the need for trust administration help, you’ve come to the right place. We offer caring and professional assistance and will work diligently to obtain efficient and effective resolution. Call for a meeting with our team: 720-259-9528. Have a question? You can also reach the firm by using the online inquiry form.