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Factors Divorcing Spouses Should Consider When Choosing An Attorney

Before choosing a divorce attorney, spouses should carefully assess each attorney’s practice areas, personality, support staff, costs and expected results.

Divorce is unavoidably a life-changing process, which makes choosing the right legal advocate a top concern for separating spouses in the Denver metropolitan area. Selecting the right attorney during such a stressful and emotional time can be challenging, however. Fortunately, by considering the following variables before making a commitment, spouses can improve their likelihood of finding an effective representative.

Practice areas

The Huffington Post notes that spouses should try to find an attorney who makes family law his or her primary focus. Attorneys who dedicate most of their practice to other areas of law may not provide the most effective representation. Spouses should also consider whether an attorney has experience in any niche areas, such as obtaining
protection orders for domestic violence, that are relevant to their case.

In some cases, spouses may benefit from working with an attorney who also has experience with other areas of law that may be useful during divorce. For instance, spouses who face significant debt may want to work with an attorney familiar with bankruptcy law. Spouses who possess high-value assets may want to partner with an attorney who also specializes in estate planning to ensure the protection of those assets.

Personality and rapport

According to CNBC, spouses should also take note of an attorney’s personality and temperament. It’s imperative for spouses to choose representatives who they can communicate and collaborate with. Therefore, spouses should look for attorneys who demonstrate an ability to listen to personal concerns and take time to understand each situation.

The Huffington Post recommends that spouses meet with at least three attorneys before making a decision. This can make it easier for a spouse to gauge how well a particular attorney’s approach fits with the spouse’s own personality, needs and concerns.

Support staff

Spouses may also want to assess the availability and approachability of the attorney’s office staff, according to CNBC. These individuals may assist with various aspects of the divorce case, from preparation to litigation. Spouses should remember that they will probably have at least as much contact with the staff as they do with the attorney.

Likely costs and results

CNBC also advises spouses to have a clear idea of the costs associated with hiring a particular attorney. Ideally, an attorney should provide upfront information about her or his fee structure and any other costs. Spouses may benefit from discussing costs with multiple attorneys to better understand what represents a reasonable rate.

The Huffington Post also advises spouses to pay attention when talking about likely outcomes with different attorneys. Spouses should be wary if one attorney promises results that the others cannot, such as specific amounts of alimony or certain
child custody arrangements. This may be a sign that the attorney is exaggerating his or her ability to secure a favorable outcome.

Making the final choice

It is important for spouses to secure legal representation soon after deciding to divorce or receiving the divorce notice. At the same time, though, spouses should not rush into choosing a representative. Regardless of the amount of time involved, finding the right attorney can improve a spouse’s likelihood of reaching a favorable settlement and successfully transitioning into life after the divorce.