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March 2018 Archives

Hiding Assets During a Divorce: How Do I Protect My Assets? | Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer

the-dollar-3125419_640.jpgWhen a couple is headed for divorce in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County, dividing assets can be a difficult process. It is common for both parties to want to hold on to what they feel is theirs. This may include an inclination to hide or move certain assets in order to keep them from the other party. While this is totally understandable, it is not advisable. You may feel the right to hold onto what is yours or keep it separate from your estate so you do not have to split it, but the court does not see it that way. However, there are some steps you can take in order to protect yourself and your assets.

Child Custody and Criminal Records: Will My Past Keep Me from Getting My Kids - A Wheat Ridge Child Custody Attorney Weighs In

handcuffs-2102488_640.jpgWhen a couple with children chooses to get a divorce in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, or Golden, child custody is an important issue. Where your children will live, who they will live with, how to co-parent, and how different responsibilities will be divided. When there are disagreements about any of these aspects related to child custody, it may be left to a Jefferson County judge to make the final decision. Often, when it gets to that point, clients are worried about what will be said in court - including criminal history.

Wheat Ridge Child Support Attorney | A Change in Income Can Modify Child Support

calculator-3242872_640.jpgRecently, pop singer Britney Spears and her ex-husband Kevin Federline have been going back and forth over child support renegotiations. Apparently, Kevin Federline, who has legal and physical custody of their two kids, has requested yearly income documentation and tax returns to evaluate if there is a need for a child support modification. Basically, it seems that dad knows mom is making more money, so he feels his kids should get a part of that. In Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County, it is not uncommon for one party to request a child support modification. Let's look at the process and how a modification could affect you.

Parental Kidnapping and Child Custody in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County

people-2566855_640.jpgA child custody or allocation of parental responsibilities order from the Jefferson County Court outlines all the terms and conditions of how co-parent will work after divorce. So, what happens when one parents chooses not to follow the order? Trust is very important when you are leaving your kids with their other parent. If that parent does something against the parental plan, like taking your child out of the state or country without permission, you should contact a Wheat Ridge child custody attorney immediately.

Property Valuations and Divorce: What You Need to Know Explained by a Wheat Ridge Divorce Attorney

coins-currency-investment-insurance-128867.jpegAn important part of any Wheat Ridge, Arvada, and Golden divorce is property division. Outside of issues regarding children, it can be the most contentious matter in a Jefferson County dissolution of marriage. Part of dividing assets is valuing the property. Because of this, it's important to understand the property valuations. While you have sentimental attachments that add value to your items, that doesn't mean that they actually hold the value you think. It can be extremely difficult for both parties to be objective about property valuations because most things will have some sort of personal attachment, blurring your ideas about what is an appropriate valuation.

Wheat Ridge Child Support Lawyer: How Child Support is Calculated

wallet-2383496_640.jpgIf you and your spouse are getting a divorce in Wheat Ridge and have children together, then child support will likely be a major part of your divorce agreement. The amount of child support a Jefferson County judge requires you to pay, may not remain the same as your kids grow older. Likely, you will face several trips to family court as your children grow up and expenses related to raising them changes. While it may be tempting to work out an informal agreement with your former spouse, especially if the divorce is amicable, this is not something we recommend. It is better to have a court ordered agreement, which is enforced by the court, because then the court can hold all parties accountable.

Wheat Ridge Alimony / Spousal Maintenance Attorney | I Lost My Job: Do I Still Have to Pay Alimony?

money-2696234_640.jpgWhen the Jefferson County family law court orders one party to pay alimony or spousal maintenance payments during a divorce, that is not an order that can just be ignored. Through a Wheat Ridge or Arvada divorce, the court recognizes the need for the separating parties to maintain their current standard of living. Especially when one party has a significantly lower income or is a stay at home parent. The court will order for maintenance payments to be made for a period of time in order to help the spouse with the lower income level maintain their lifestyle while trying to become financially independent. The amount of maintenance or alimony that is required to be paid is based on a calculation using current income levels. So, what happens if the party required to pay alimony loses their job?

Golden Divorce Lawyer | What If My Ex Won't Sign Divorce Papers?

guy-699195_640.jpgWhen you are ready to file for divorce in Golden, Wheat Ridge, or Jefferson County, both parties will have to sign the initial divorce petition. But, what happens when one party won't sign? Let's take a look at the different steps involved in a divorce and what happens when your ex doesn't want to sign.

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