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Self-Help Links and FREE Legal Forms:

These are the websites used frequently by our clients and our staff in representing our clients:

1. Colorado Courts Self-Help Center – this site is fantastic and is filled with free, useful forms, such as Family Law, Criminal/Juvenile, Probate, Small Claims, Appeals, Protection Orders, District Civil/Water, General, Brochures and Handbooks.

2. Colorado Real Estate Commission Approved Real Estate Contract Forms – This site contains Listing Contracts, Sales Contracts, Addenda to Buy/Sell Contracts, Disclosure Documents, Counter Proposals, Agreements to Amend/Extend Contracts, Closings, Exchange Contracts, Deed of Trust Forms, Promissory Notes.

3. Colorado Secretary of State – Business section – This contains business, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and general information to help you manage your business online.

4. Colorado Motor Vehicle Forms – these are the free forms you may need from time to time for motor vehicles in Colorado.

5. Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney – this is the form you may need if you are transferring your car to someone else. It specifically allows the agent to transfer the title of the car to another person.

6. Get a free credit report – Get a Free Credit Report – provides you a free credit report.

7. Colorado Statutes – Free online access to the Colorado Revised Statutes, Colorado Court Rules, Colorado Constitution and United States Constitution.

8.  West Law Legal Research – This is probably the world’s best legal research site. It allows you to search for laws, cases, and regulations in Colorado and throughout the world. This site requires a credit card.

9. Colorado’s Official Site

10. Criminal Background Checks on the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website – This site allows you to do a criminal background check on anyone.

11. Colorado Legislature’s Website – This site allows you to monitor possible new legislation.

12. United States District Court for the District of Colorado free civil and criminal forms

13. Municipal Codes – This contains the municipal codes for most states in the United States.

14. Internal Revenue Service – Their site contains forms and publications.

15. Colorado Courts – From this link, you can search the Colorado courts and other data bases statewide (fee based) for some of the following: courts, businesses, divorces, marriages, UCC liens, Social Security Death records.

16. Free Searchable Public Record Databases – This is one of the best and largest free and fee based public records data base that we have found.

17. Colorado Courts Home Page – This site contains information on all the state courts in Colorado.

18. Child Support Enforcement – This site links you to the Colorado Child Support Enforcement program and provides information on how to have the local Child Support Enforcement Unit collect child support for you without having to pay legal fees.

19. Unclaimed Property – Does your state owe you money for property you have forgotten about or did not know about?

20. Benefits Checkup – Use this site to see if you are getting all the public benefits to which you are entitled.

21. Government Benefits – A one-stop search for government benefits and loans.

22. Colorado Code of Regulations – This is a link to a searchable database to find the official Colorado Code of Regulations.

Other Links

Real Estate For Sale by Owner – Low or No Fee Websites for Multiple Listing Service:

General Legal Searches
Colorado Bar Association
MoreLaw (Comprehensive Colorado information)
Washburn Law School
Cornell Law School

Agronomy/Agronomic Law
National Agricultural Library
USDA The Agricultural Research Service
The Department of Agricultural Biology
ISIS WWW Home Page /Agricola
Agriculture Research Service (USDA) Links
Colorado State University Entomology Department

Insurance Law
Insurance Information Institute
National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO)

Intellectual Property
Trademarks | USPTO

Trademarks at PTO
U.S. Copyright Office

Expert Witnesses
Findlaw Expert Witnesses
Hieros Gamos Experts

Information Searches
Reverse Phone Number Lookup
Infospace (Worldwide white and yellowpages)
SEC EDGAR Database
U.S. Statistics in Brief

Searching for Company Information
U.S. Post Office Zip Code Lookup

Vehicle Values
Kelly Blue Book

PubMed: National Library of Medicine MedLine Searching
RXList (Online drug index)