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Wheat Ridge Divorce Attorney | Avoiding Future Issues with Your Dissolution of Marriage in Jefferson County

courtroom-898931_640.jpgHiring a Wheat Ridge or Jefferson County divorce attorney to handle your Colorado dissolution of marriage is not a requirement of the law, but common sense. Those who choose to handle their divorce themselves end up spending more money and time trying to resolve issues later down the line. An experienced Wheat Ridge and Arvada divorce lawyer can walk you through the process, making sure that the separation or dissolution agreement is solid and that issues won't come up in the future. The last thing you want is to move on with your life, and have to keep revisiting the past due to faulty or questionable terms in your divorce agreement.

Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer | Will Getting Remarried Affect My Alimony and Child Support Payments?

ring-260892_640.jpgIt is common knowledge that when a couple divorces in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, or Mountain View, one spouse may have to make payments to the other in the form of spousal maintenance payments (alimony) or child support. When one party decided to get remarried, there are often questions regarding how a new marriage will impact these mandatory payments. Let's take a look at how remarriage can affect child support and alimony payments for both the paying spouse and the supported one.

Wheat Ridge Divorce & Separation Lawyer | What is Discovery in a Jefferson County Divorce?

pexels-photo-209137.jpegDuring a Wheat Ridge, Arvada, or Golden divorce, you may hear the term 'discovery.' Discovery is the collection of information and documents related to a case in the Colorado Court system. Whether a criminal case, a child custody case, or a dissolution of marriage - discovery can be requested. Often, when it comes to a Jefferson County divorce, discovery is requested when one party believes that more information is needed from the other side.

Wheat Ridge Divorce Attorney | I've Been Served with Jefferson County Divorce Papers - Now What?

signature-962388_640.jpgSometimes, a Wheat Ridge, Arvada, or Lakewood divorce is expected after a lengthy separation and discussion of a marriage dissolution as the next step. Other times, one party is blindsided after being served with divorce papers. Either way, there is always a sense of anxiety that arises once you have been served with dissolution of marriage papers. Whether anticipated or not, what you should do next remains the same for both situations.

Wheat Ridge Dissolution of Marriage Lawyer | Pregnancy and Divorce in Jefferson County

pregnant-2640994_640.jpgFiling for a Wheat Ridge divorce in Jefferson County Court while pregnant means there will be a separate set of issues that the Court will address. While some of the issues are similar to those addressed in a Colorado divorce where children are involved, others are specific to the fact that there is an unborn child in the equation. Even though the child has not yet been born, the Courts want to determine paternity, custody or allocation of parental responsibilities, and child support. It is important you know and understand your rights and the options that are available to you while filing for divorce prior to the birth of your child.

Wheat Ridge Divorce Attorney | Marital Separation Agreements in Jefferson County

signature-962354_640.jpgWhen a couple choose to separate in preparation for a divorce in Wheat Ridge or Jefferson County, they may choose to get a marital separation agreement. At the Pearman Law Firm, we feel these agreements are a good step in protecting yourself during the divorce process.

Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer | Common Misconceptions with Jefferson County Dissolution of Marriage

confused-2681507_640.jpgBecause divorce is so common, often people feel like experts after watching a friend or family member go through the process. But, the divorce process is not only different depending on what state you are filing in, it also varies depending on your specific situation. There are so many variables involved, that each divorce case becomes unique and individual - not often something that can be easily taken care of with the same steps another took. I'm usually surprised at the misconceptions people sometimes approach divorce with, and want to clear up a few common ones, as they can negatively affect your divorce case.

Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer | Common Mistakes Made During Divorce Proceedings

stop-1591529_640.jpgWhen the decision is made to file for divorce in Wheat Ridge, Golden, or Lakewood, it is usually a very hard time in both parties' lives. Because of the emotional nature of the process, it is easy to make mistakes along the way. Some of those mistakes can have long term effects on your life, so it is important to trust your divorce attorney and try to stay level headed during this especially difficult time.

Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer | Court Ordered Parenting Class and Divorce in Jefferson County

notes-macbook-study-conference.jpgWhen couples with children get a divorce in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, or Golden, child custody and parenting time are often issues that fall under the divorce agreement. Because this is such an important aspect of a dissolution of marriage, a Jefferson County Court judge may order the splitting couple to take parenting classes. Even if they are not specifically ordered, it may be suggested or advised that the parents take these classes, as research has shown the classes are effective in helping with co-parenting.

Wheat Ridge Divorce and Child Custody Attorney | Parental Responsibilities Evaluator (PRE) in Jefferson County

files-1633406_640.jpgIn my last blog, I wrote about the Child Family Investigator (CFI) and their role in a Wheat Ridge or Jefferson County divorce or child custody case. Another professional that may become involved with contested parenting arrangements is the Parental Responsibilities Evaluator or PRE. As an impartial third party, the PRE provides a report to the Jefferson County Court regarding mental health evaluations and recommendations.

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